Did you know?
  • Legend has it that the Delphic Oracle told Apollo, "The radish is worth its weight in lead, the beet its weight in silver... but the Horseradish, its weight in gold."
  • Sauerkraut is 2000 years old? But don't worry, at Elman's we make ours fresh weekly.
  • Refrigerated pickles are gaining in popularity. The reason for this is refrigeration makes them crispier and they undergo minimal processing. There are only 15 calories in a pickle.
  • Mustard is the oldest condiment in the world...and Elman's is the "hottest"!
  • Did you know that Elman's was the chosen site for filming a made-for-television Feature Film entitled "Eye of the Beast"?
  • And… Was recently chosen site of documentary – video performed by The Weakerthans (Sun in an empty room) regarding job related concerns in Manitoba. Check it Out! Great Video!
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