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European Thick Cut Herring
Delicious and unique in flavor this European delight consists of thick, tender chucks of Herring with the bone in and skin on and onions for added flavor.
Fillets in Wine
Skinless and boneless chunks of succulent herring pieces in a wine marinade with onions.
Lunch cut
Delicious bite-sized chunks of north Atlantic herring with the skin on and bone in.
Rollmop Herring
Succulent whole herring rolled with a dill pickle center, marinated in a sweet vinegar brine with onions for added flavor.

Tidbits in wine
Fillets of Canadian herring cut to bite-sized pieces with the skin on in a tangy European marinade with onion to enhance the flavor.
Whole Herring
Made the old-fashioned way, these whole headless and dressing herrings are marinated in a tasty brine with onions to enhance the flavor

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