Payton Krause, a.k.a. “Honey Badger” our Sales and Marketing agent extraordinaire, also daughter of the President of Elman’s Food Products Ltd., has left the family fold to accommodate the popular and ever-growing consumer interest in all of the Elman’s Kosher Food Products on the West Coast.

“Honey Badger” was last seen burrowing her way to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she will take up residence and carry on the business of making sure that everyone has the opportunity to sample and enjoy all that Elman’s has to offer!

Although typically nocturnal, “Honey Badger” can be reached between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Monday through Friday.

Office # (604) 560-3067
Cell # (778)239-1278
Fax# (604) 560-3607

And contrary to popular belief, “Honey Badger” can be quite sweet when she wants to be… so “heads up”! she will be “scratching” at your door real soon……


Happy Hunting Payton!