Who knew pickled vegetables could be so entertaining? When Elman’s decided to launch their latest creation, the Elman’s Single Dill snack, it was a memorable moment.  Huge billboards were erected at specific sites in Winnipeg bearing an image of a huge” bitten” pickle with the caption “Bite Me”!  the ads raised eyebrows and received much attention, adding a boost to our already-popular brand.

Along with her eldest daughter Payton, it was the beginning of reinventing the company.  Through new labelling, that included Manny’s image and a new and distinct logo, it seemed to awaken the taste-buds of a new generation of pickled-vegetable-lovers!

Who knew?

Manny’s image is immortalized on all our packaging as a Bogart-like figure that epitomizes the past as well as the future of the company. It is our homage to Samuel, Manny and the family legacy.