What's in a name?

Our Story

Apparently, everything. In the case of Elman’s the name represents a 80 year tradition of superior quality and great taste.

The history of Elman’s begins with Samuel Finkleman, who emigrated with his family from Poland with closely guarded recipes and a pocket full of dreams. This was the start of a famous family-run business.

With his wagon filled with jars of horseradish prepared in the basement of his home, the enterprising young “Happy” Finkleman (as he became known to everyone) was soon making deliveries to local markets and hoteliers.

Elman’s Kosher Horseradish – Elman’s Kosher Deli Foods – pickles, pickled herring, deli-style mustards, horseradish – Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaElman’s Kosher Deli Foods – pickles, pickled herring, deli-style mustards, sauces – Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaThe business expanded rapidly as people discovered the goodness of Elman’s products. Soon, Happy needed to construct a small factory behind the family home to meet the ever-growing demand.

After Samual passed away, Manny Finkleman took over the business, leading Elman’s to a new level of production and service.

Under his leadership the product line grew to include a variety of pickles, pickled herring products, horseradishes, mustards, sauerkraut and other fine kosher condiments.

We currently service our customers from Winnipeg to the Interlake and West to Vancouver with future plans for expansion into Eastern Canada as well as the United States.

Elman’s Food Products offers a full line of the highest quality kosher products. With our new label, we honour the legacy of Samual and Manny Finkleman and their total commitment to pleasing Elman’s customers. We have been living up to these commitments for over 80 years and we look forward to being of service to you.

Enjoy Elman’s!