Over 80 Years in Business

Over 80 Years in Business

Truly Original

Some things are best left alone…

Truly Original

Some things are best left alone…

  Good old-fashioned quality and goodness is what our customers have come to expect since 1938.

We strive to continue to fulfill all of your expectations.

Did you know?

Legend has it that the Delphic Oracle told Apollo,

“The radish is worth its weight in lead, the beet its weight in silver… but the Horseradish, its weight in gold.”

Sauerkraut is 2000 years old?

But don’t worry, at Elman’s we make ours fresh weekly.

Refrigerated pickles are gaining in popularity.

The reason for this is refrigeration makes them crispier and they undergo minimal processing. There are only 15 calories in a pickle.

Mustard is the oldest condiment in the world

and Elman’s is the “hottest”!

Elman's was the chosen site for filming a made-for-television Feature Film

It’s entitled “Eye of the Beast”?

And…Was recently chosen site of documentary

Video performed by The Weakerthans (Sun in an empty room) regarding job related concerns in Manitoba. Check it Out! Great Video!